We are a mobile veterinary service based in Nashville, TN. We offer convenient & compassionate care in your home Ever wish the vet made house calls? They do!!! Wish you didn't have to fight to get fluffy in the carrier? That you didn't have to deal with tangled leashes? Well now you don't have to. Phoenix veterinary Service makes personal visits to your pets at your home. No more of the struggles of going to the vet Dr. Mokhtari makes house calls for dogs, cats, birds and pocket pets. Safe, convenient, (affordable,) compassionate high quality care in your home. Call us today (615) 420-7387 (PETS) or email info@phoenixveterinaryservice.com (preferred)

Serving Metro Nashville and surrounding counties.

Laura W. Mokhtari, DVM


As a mobile practice, we do not offer emergency care. Click here for more info to contact referral centers

It is unseasonably cold in Nashville right now.  Here are some great cold weather saftey tips.



Phoenix Veterinary Service

(615) 420-7387 (PETS)

Hermitage/Nashville, TN

Phoenix Veterinary Service

-House Calls

-Routine checkups


-Weight loss and nutrition

-Behavior services
-Private In home Euthanasia