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So very thankful for Dr. Mokhtari and her assistant, Liz. On very short notice they were able to come to our home for our 15 year old dog, Sadie. We had decided on in-home euthanasia with a private cremation. From the time they entered our home until they left, everything was handled with complete professionalism, dignity and compassion. We sure do miss our precious Sadie, but I was able to bring her ashes home today. This was an especially emotional time for our family since we also lost our almost 16 year old cat, Blaze in February. I highly recommend Dr. Mokhtari for your in home vet needs.-- Wendy Douglas Morales

​Having Dr. Mokhtari come to us for our yearly vet needs was SO much more convenient & less stressful on our 2 dogs and 2 cats than taking them to a vet office. She was so great, answered all our questions, and our animals loved her too! And, to top it all off, she gives discounts to see multiple pets at the same time, so our costs were much lower than they would have been if we'd taken each animal to the vet separately. We'll definitely use her again :)-- Mandy Thomas Whitley

Thanks to Dr. Laura who came to my home and was very patient with my senior citizen dachshund who wasn't too friendly to her!!--Annette Fitzpatrick Savage

Thank you Dr. Mokhtari for coming to the house and seeing Sam and helping us. This made things so much easier on Sam and less stressful. You are truly a blessing, thank you again--Antoinette Amoroso-Silverii

Dr Laura and your assistant, thank you for making Sam's transition a peaceful one and for you kind words and gentle demeanor with him I will never forget it - thank you again from Jess, me, rufus and Sam--Antoinette Amoroso-Silverii

It's pretty simple. With a busy schedule and an aging dog with limited mobility, life can be challenging. Then along came Dr. Laura. . .you came to us, O'Riley wasn't stressed with travel and I saved on time away from work. Let's not forget that instead of prescribing an expensive series of shots, which I thought would have been my only option for pup's pain, you chose cost effective medication that has him wanting to chase cats and he's acting like his old self, again! Thanks again!! Thanks for allowing me more quality time with my 12.5 year old. . .every day counts!!--Noemi Mendez

Dr. Mokhtari, I wanted to thank you SO much for coming and giving my four dogs their annual vet checkups at home. Not only did your mobile vet service mean that they didn't have to leave their home for a scary clinic environment, but also your expert knowledge guided me to medications that will help to reduce their anxiety overall. Thanks for providing this service and I'll definitely be letting all of my friends with beloved furkids know!--Sonda Leonard